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Established in 1980, MBLBC is a non-profit organisation which aims to assist people and businesses from Belgium and Luxembourg in Malaysia, and strengthen their ties with the Malaysian business community. In 2021, MBLBC has been renamed as BeLuxCham Malaysia, as we upgraded from a Business Council to a full-size Business Chamber.
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Corporate Packages

BeLuxCham offers a 3-tiered corporate membership package, depending on the needs and resources of each of our corporate and future members.

  • Platinum
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Depending on the needs and resources of each of our corporate members and future members, we developed different sets of benefits and services.

Individual Member Packages
Whether you are a young entrepreneur or a more established business-minded individual, BeLuxCham Malaysia hosts a nice mix of Belgium & Luxembourg lovers in Malaysia eager to network and open for opportunities. Check out our different individual packages, even for our overseas followers there is a commensurate membership package available.

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Board of Directors
Daniel Pans
Resourceful and strong leadership track record, notably in cross…
Andi Lapon
Vice President
Holds Master degrees in Applied Economics, Treasury Management…
Wouter Ooghe
An experienced executive in Semiconductor and Solar manufacturing...
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